Consider seafarers during refugee migration, say the Mission to Seafarers

The Revd Cannon Ken PetersBuilding on its position as the nominated charity for the Posidonia shipping exhibition, The Mission to Seafarers will shine a spotlight on refugee migration by sea and its effect on seafarers.

The seminar, which will be chaired by The Revd Cannon Ken Peters, Director of Justice and Public Affairs at The Mission to Seafarers, will discuss the impact the recent refugee crisis in the Mediterranean has had on the seafarers, in particular the risk and legal factors.

The Revd Cannon Ken Peters will address industry concerns, including how refugees and seafarers are regarded under international law. “We cannot forget that the rescuing of refugees at sea is a highly courageous act by seafarers, and one that is often sadly ignored. We will look at what the effects are and how the shipping industry can help tackle the risks imposed on seafarers, when they stop to help a failed attempt to cross international waters,” he said.

As part of its seminar, The Mission to Seafarers will be launching its corporate portfolio which outlines the work the charity carries out and highlights the importance of an integrated network of support for seafarers worldwide.

“We are hugely privileged to have been chosen as the nominated charity for Posidonia. Launching our corporate profile will shine a wider light on the work we do and how seafarers and their families rely on us in story waters,” Jos Standerwick, Director of Development for The Mission to Seafarers said.

The Mission to Seafarers seminar will be held on Friday 10th June in Posidonia seminar room 2B from 11:00 – 13:00. To join, please contact Ravina Patel at