Help – One Of Our Ships Is Missing!

That’s NOT a phrase you will hear from shipping companies operating the worldwide vessel monitoring software ShipTrak!! Wherever your vessel is, with ShipTrak’s unique software, you’ll be in the know.

Developed in-house at Cory Brothers, by their own programmers, ShipTrak was designed to help monitor the company’s own vessel operations across the world. Now Cory Brothers has made the software available to its customers to ensure the vital information and updates they need are at their fingertips too, 24/7.

ShipTrak is a web-based application that holds every detail of vessel operation. Ship operators can log on wherever in the world they are – from the office, from a hotel lobby, from the home pc, anywhere they find themselves right across the world – and find all the information they need.

Using ShipTrak also means less paperwork, fewer emails and huge time-savings all round. So rather than receiving a torrent of updates in various formats and from different sources, you simply log on to the ShipTrak website. Not only can you access information in real time, but you can easily create reports and view essential financial data – everything from cost estimates to purchase invoices and disbursement accounts, scanned documents can be e-mailed direct to the system for viewing, printing or forwarding.

ShipTrak has been specifically designed and tailor-made with its users in mind, to provide a very detailed log of events. At any stage, for any number of vessel operations, you can compare projections with invoices, schedules and survey costs. Being based on Java software, ShipTrak interfaces and can exchange data with other shipping-based systems and common office software programs.

Kevin Gorman, Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Managing Director, says: “We, and our shipping partners, use ShipTrak every single minute of the day and we find it an essential tool. It is “platform independent” so you can use ShipTrak on your PC, Mac, mobile phone – anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser! It can analyse any type of data, whether it be operational or financial, and thereby create all types of reports for our clients which is extremely beneficial financially and commercially. In addition, our in-house designers are working continuously to create useful new features and refinements too and provide support and advice to users.”

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