Hutton’s Agrees Partnership With Inov8 Science Ltd

Hutton’s, the UK’s leading ship supplier, has agreed a partnership with air disinfection company Inov8 Science Ltd to become sole UK shipping and offshore industry distributor of its innovative air disinfection system which helps to prevent the airborne spread of a wide range of fungus, viruses and bacteria, including norovirus.

John MacDonald, General Manager of Hutton’s Medical says: “Hutton’s is at the forefront of improving seafarer health and when a product comes along which has such a drastic positive impact we have no hesitation in putting our resources behind it. This device is being used in UK hospitals to help prevent outbreaks of infection and it has the potential to become invaluable aboard ships too. In fact Hutton’s is so impressed by the product that we are installing one in our head office to prevent the spread of colds.”

The maritime benefit’s of Inov8’s Air Disinfection (AD) unit include:
• Reduced outbreaks of norovirus on cruise ships
• Improving seafarer health and offshore workers health in enclosed working environments
• Reduced loss of working time due to illness

The system is already in global use, including in clinics and hospitals throughout the UK and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, in commercial offices worldwide and in Government buildings in Bahrain. The AD air disinfection system was a winner in the 2009 Smart Solutions Programme for the UK NHS. Inov8 Science Ltd is currently conducting further tests specifically relevant to the shipping industry.

Keith Esdon, Inov8’s Central Support Manager, explains how the system works: “Operating within enclosed spaces, the unit takes in the surrounding air before combining it with olefin (a natural compound responsible for the scent of plants and flowers) to create hydroxyl radicals (OH).This is a natural process but doesn’t usually take place within a contained environment because the component parts (a required mixture of ozone and plant olefins) are not present. We effectively duplicate the process that goes on outside within our machines.”

He continues: “Hydroxyl radicals take hydrogen from the proteins that make the cell walls of viruses and bacteria. They puncture the cell walls and render the virus mechanisms useless. In effect they change the way viruses work by altering their ability to do what they do. So our machine can effectively destroy the airborne viruses and bacteria in an enclosed environment like a ship.”

Inov8 says that within approximately one hour the unit can make a room 99.9% free of biological airborne material. The UK’s National Health Service estimates that around 30% of infections are caught via airborne methods of transfer.

Notes to Editors:
• Hutton’s provides the UK’s ‘one-stop shop’ facility providing the full range of products and services to the International Shipping and the Offshore Industry.
• With a history dating back almost 200 years, Hutton’s ensures the highest standard are provided to customers from its large branch network covering all UK ports.
• Inov8, the air disinfection company, will shortly release a study paper which it says confirms the link between airborne pathogens and infection rates in hospitals. This will also be presented during the Health Protection Agency conference at Warwick University in September 2010.

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