Hutton’s MD adds ‘young’ blood to BASS Council

Fresh blood and forward-thinking ideas are two of the key elements Hutton’s Managing Director Alex Taylor is hoping to bring to the table as the newest, and youngest, member of the British Ship Suppliers Association’s (BASS) Council.

Mr Taylor, who has just turned 32, believes he is probably the youngest-ever serving BASS councillor, but he plans to turn his age to his advantage.

He was voted onto the council at the association’s AGM and luncheon this week, almost 30 years to the day that his father, Alan, joined the same board.

“I think the shipping industry in general is changing at a very fast pace at the moment, and so I think any organisation needs a good mix of older, experienced people on it with some younger members who join with younger ideas, a fresh approach, and who are a bit more in tune with the direction the market is going,” he said.

“It is also about getting as wide a spectrum of companies as possible on the council, and I come from a very established company, one of the biggest players in the UK. At the same time I am very much in tune with way the market is going.”

Like other councillors, Mr Taylor will serve three years before being given the opportunity to be re-elected for a further three years.
He has already identified several key issues he would like to tackle including raising the profile of BASS.

“The way I see it is, this is a very exclusive club for quality suppliers in Britain. It’s a case of maintaining the values so it legitimises the industry and we can use it to promote itself.
“That is a key point I am going to be pushing across during my time on the Council. I am keen to promote the association to ensure the wider shipping industry understands its importance.

“We need to ensure that the name is being pushed all the time – at every trade show and every conference, in the press, and also spend more time in workshops and on round table discussions with other trade associations.”

The promotion, he says, is even more crucial with London hosting the 2013 annual Convention of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA).

“It is a great opportunity in a number of ways,” he said. “It is a great way for Britain to get on the world map and for BASS to get involved with that and to promote companies not to just those within the shipping industry but to people outside of it.”

No decision has yet been announced as to where the Convention will be held in London but Mr Taylor is keen to assist in the preparations and is looking forward to regular BASS meetings to plan proceedings.

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