Important New Training Programme From Videotel:Boarding And Leaving A Vessel At Sea

When a simple missed step can mean the difference between life and death, training comes into its own. Boarding and leaving a vessel at sea or anchorage can be dangerous and Videotel’s new training programme, Boarding and Leaving a Vessel at Sea, has been designed to tackle this issue and address the need for better working practices in this area.

“Seafarers often have to deal with hazardous situations before they even get onto a vessel,” says Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International. ”Not only is the actual boarding itself sometimes difficult and hazardous, but the equipment – from the launch itself to the personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied – may not meet required standards. This is especially hard to control when contractors and third parties are involved.”

This programme has been designed in conjunction with BG LNG Services and is intended to help individuals board ships at sea in a safe manner. It raises contractor awareness of safety standards and other issues and ensures a more consistent quality of service among third-party suppliers.

Addressing a range of maritime safety regulations, the programme is especially valuable for those joining a ship for the first time, but is targeted at all maritime professionals needing to board or alight from a vessel at sea.

Containing six stand-alone sections that provide valuable information at each stage of the boarding process, Boarding and Leaving a Vessel at Sea is available in VHS/DVD, via interactive CD-ROM and on Videotel’s computer delivery system Videotel On Demand (VOD).

Notes to Editors

BG LNG Services
• BG LNG Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BG Group. BG has four business segments – Exploration & Production, LNG, Transmission & Distribution and Power Generation. Active in some 20 countries on five continents, its core geographical areas are the UK, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, South America and India.

Videotel Marine International
• Videotel began making training products in 1973 and has since pioneered web-based e-learning to become a market-leader in on-board and shore-based maritime training.
• Videotel is the largest multi-media producer of high-quality maritime safety training software and materials serving the maritime community today. As well as its award winning programmes on board some 10,000 vessels, Videotel has the largest portfolio of maritime computer based training (CBT) materials in the world.
• With over 100 million training hours accomplished to date, Videotel is assisting in promoting the learning of hundreds of thousands of seafarers across the globe.
• Videotel’s extensive international training catalogue includes more than 750 titles in a range of formats and various languages.
• Videotel’s Computer Based Training (CBT) and online training solutions make possible a huge variety of training opportunities. The latest Video on Demand (VOD) system offers a comprehensive and affordable solution to both on-board crew training and records management aboard ship. The VOD computer system is able to offer more than 350+ selected CBT interactive training packages, videos, courses and accompanying books at any one time, added to which it will contain the appropriate training packages for the BIMCO eLearning Diploma Programme (BeDP).