InterManager KPI Project Expands

Experts from the well-known Norwegian research and consulting group Marintek, working on behalf of the KPI Project led by InterManager, have begun capturing performance data from dozens of ocean-going ships in the latest phase of the process to develop a workable system to produce a meaningful set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the whole shipping industry.

And InterManager, the international trade association for shipmanagers, says it is aiming to increase the number of ships providing data to the project to more than 1,000 during the course of 2010. The data collected, which is held in strict confidence, will be used to validate the standard, verify the data capture feasibility and test the industry benchmark features.

The more companies which take part in the project, the more effective the development of the new system will be. Peter Curtis of Seaspan, a member of InterManager’s Executive Committee, said: “This moves performance management on from a simple excel spreadsheet. The KPI project will enable companies to audit and improve their own internal systems to produce proper and meaningful data collection. And the added bonus for companies who help us is that this gives them a great opportunity to re-examine the effectiveness of their own internal monitoring and measuring systems.”

“This project will be incredibly important for this industry,” predicted George Hoyt, Chairman of InterManager’s KPI Committee. “We are at the early stages of capturing this information and our task for the year ahead is to extract meaningful amounts of data,” he said.

Earlier this year the leaders of most of the largest shipping industry organisations attended stakeholder meetings and workshops where they expressed a willingness to join with InterManager to continue to develop an industry-accepted system to enable the creation and development of performance standards. In 2010 InterManager plans to hold three further workshops, hosted in Asia and Europe, to enable stakeholders to assist in identifying what data is most useful and appropriate for performance monitoring.

InterManager President, Roberto Giorgi, says: “We believe that the new KPIs, if widely used, can help improve transparency and create more effective communications for the whole shipping industry, in the area of performance.”

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