Norsafe Receives High Praise from Australian Navy

Norsafe, global leader in marine life-saving equipment, has received a glowing recommendation from the Australian Navy for the quality of its lifeboat servicing on one of the Navy’s replenishment vessels HMAS Sirius.

The work on the HMAS Sirius involved lifeboat overhaul and upgrade plus Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection and overhaul of the winches and davits.

Norsafe Australia received an e-mail from Chief Petty Officer Ben Reid which said:

“I would like to express my thanks to the Ben Fuller and his team that recently completed the 60 monthly service routine on the Royal Australia Navy Replenishment Tanker HMAS SIRIUS for the 73 man fully enclosed lifeboats and davits. Having just taken over the responsibility for maintaining these craft it is great to be on the receiving end of quality workmanship and attention to detail in the area of Deep Level Maintenance.” “Whilst I have not seen the closing reports, I’m very impressed with the material state that the boats and davits have been returned in, seeing these safety critical assets receive such attention to detail is excellent, and represents Norsafe in the best possible light. Ben and his team are professional, courteous and kept the ship well informed throughout the task.”

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Norsafe Takes a Major Step Forward to Offer Complete Safety Package to Seafarers

Norsafe has become the first lifeboat manufacturer to provide STCW and Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOROG) compliant training courses for seafarers.

This means that the company is the only lifeboat manufacturer that offers production, servicing and certified training in the operation and maintenance of lifeboats and lifeboat crew.

Gaining STCW approval is very timely for Norsafe as the Manila 2010 Amendments to the STCW-78 Convention stipulates that seafarers, who are qualified in the following areas, need to provide documentary proof they have recently undergone training or have been on a refresher course within the last five years by 1st January 2017.

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