Videotel Shipboard Food Hygiene Programmes Awarded MLC 2006 Approval

Good food hygiene at home is important. Excellent food hygiene onboard ship is essential. Seafarers live, work and eat in close proximity yet crews often operate in isolation and the consequences of poor food hygiene can be devastating. Videotel Training Services is therefore delighted to have been awarded the UK Maritime and Coastguard Authority (MCA) and the Liberian Flag (LISCR) approval for Hygiene Training across its key training programmes for ships’ cooks and galley staff, as detailed in paragraph 2 (C) of Standard A3.2 of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

“There are many hazards onboard ship but hazardous food is one of the easiest to avoid,” says Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel. “Food hygiene standards constitute an important part of the MLC 2006 regulations. A vessel’s crew is often made up of a number of different nationalities with a wide range of demands and food cultures – but good hygiene practices must always be at the heart of any galley.”

The following distance learning programmes have received certification.

For Ships’ Cooks and Staff Working in the Galley:
• The four part Food Safety at Sea Series considers the risks that food poses to seafarers on all types of ship, as well as passengers on cruise ships and ferries, and how best they can be avoided. The four parts are:
Part 1: Hazards and Controls
Part 2: Delivery Storage, Preparation and Cooking
Part 3: Personal Hygiene
Part 4: Pest Control and Cleaning

For Ships’ Cooks:
• A Guide to Good Housekeeping – Accommodation and the Galley raises awareness of the importance of good housekeeping in this area and shows how to make it a vital part of everyday shipboard life.
• Personal Safety in the Galley looks at the significance of safe working practices and good hygiene in the galley.

The modules are available via Videotel’s award winning Computer Based Training (CBT) in a range of formats including interactive CD-ROM, through Videotel on Demand (VOD) and VHS/DVD with supporting booklets.