Elaborate Wrap Up Warm To Raise Funds For Seafarers

Staff at maritime publishing and media relations company Elaborate Communications wore their woolly hats to work to raise money for the international seafaring charity, Sailor’s Society.

They were supporting the charity’s annual Woolly Hat Week campaign, (which this year ran from February 7-13). The money raised will help the charity provide assistance to seafarers in ports across the world, as well as going towards the distribution of woolly hats to seafarers ill-prepared for colder climates.

Elaborate Media Director Jean Winfield said: “We were happy to join this worthwhile campaign with such a fun approach and with the way the weather’s been lately our staff were delighted to be able to wrap up warm!”

Sailors’ Society Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Jan Webber, said: “Companies who take part in Woolly Hat Week will find it’s a good way of boosting morale at the same time as raising money for a good cause. We suggest that companies could even provide prizes for the most colourful or outrageous woolly hats!”

To find out more about Woolly Hat week, email woollyhats@sailors-society.org or see website: www.sailors-society.org

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New Course Opens Job Opportunities For Jamaican Seafarers

Caribbean seafaring graduates and cadets are to have the opportunity to transfer their skills to the luxury yacht market thanks to a new training course initiated by the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ).

Starting on Monday (February 15th) the two-week Mastering Yacht Life course at the Caribbean Maritime Institute will launch with a cohort of 20 students who have already completed their Officer training.

The new course is the result of a joint venture between the MAJ, the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), the HEART Trust/NTA, Enterprise Based Training (EBT) Department and the Luxury Yacht Group, who together have developed a training programme to prepare seafaring students at the CMI to take up positions on luxury yachts.

Rear Admiral Peter Brady, Director General of the MAJ and Chair of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Standards of Training and Watchkeeping Sub-Committee, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for our seafarers and the MAJ is pleased to have been instrumental in making this course possible. Jamaican cadets have been commended for their seafaring knowledge. Now this vocational course should provide them with additional hospitality skills.”

Launching this course programme during 2010 – the IMO’s Year of the Seafarer and the completion of an extensive review of the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention – is timely, points out Rear Admiral Brady. “This course complements the STCW standards and will put our seafarers at an advantage when they seek jobs on the global market, ” he said.

Mastering Yacht Life runs for two weeks and cadets will benefit from the experience of Rupert Connor, President of the Luxury Yacht Group, who will deliver the yachting aspect of the course. At the end of the course the successful candidates will receive National Vocational Qualification Jamaica (NVQJ) certification endorsed by the MAJ.

Fritz Pinnock, Executive Director at the CMI explained: “This course is a professional development course which will see final year officer cadets and some who have already graduated and received their certificates of competency from the Maritime Authority of Jamaica getting further training to be able to operate effectively and efficiently aboard luxury yachts. The course will attempt to develop the ‘soft skills’ of the participants because luxury yachts call for additional skill sets that are not a regular part of the training programme.”

The course is endorsed by the Hon. Minister of Transport and Works Hon. Michael Henry and the Ministry of Transport and Works, parent ministry for the CMI and the MAJ.

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ISSA launches Green ISSA

For immediate release February 2nd, 2010
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Ship suppliers must be at the forefront in putting the environment first when it comes to the services they provide ship owners and managers and they need to be more vigilant about the type and content of shipboard waste they may be asked to dispose of, the head of the world’s ship supply industry has warned.

Speaking at the launch of Green ISSA, Jens Olsen, President of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA) said suppliers needed to be fully aware of the complexities of international as well as regional and national legislation governing the disposal of hazardous and noxious substances.

ISSA has launched ‘Green ISSA’ to emphasise the ship supply industry’s acknowledgement of the importance that the environment plays in the global shipping industry.

He said: “Suppliers can find themselves caught up in a legal and legislative nightmare if they are pressurised to dispose of what they believe is harmless shipboard waste. In some instances, such waste can contain more than the suppliers bargained for. By agreeing to handle the waste they are then responsible for it and can face hefty fines or legal action. By that time the ship will have gone.”

“We want to make all our members, and the industry in general, aware of the importance of the environment and we encourage them all to start thinking green in everything they do. Whether it is the type and amount of packaging they use or the extent of their own carbon footprint. But it is the issue of garbage disposal that throws up the most complications, especially when suppliers are put under pressure to assist by their owning and management principals,” Mr Olsen said.

So concerned is ISSA about the issue that it is working on plans to include the environment as part of its ISSA Quality Plus programme.
ISSA President Jens Olsen has already gone on record saying that he wants to encourage membership growth of ISSA through the development of ISSA’s Quality Standard so that it becomes a beacon for quality and an example to other sectors as to how to work with regulators to gain maximum benefit for member companies.

“ISSA’s global membership is already being assessed according to the Quality Standards as will any new members wishing to join. In this age of self assessment and service transparency, ISSA has taken it upon itself to ensure that only those ship suppliers that carry the ISSA logo can be assured of the quality standards necessary to trade and to supply as demanded by our clients – the ship owners and the ship managers,” he added.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Elaborate Communications
Sean Moloney / Debbie Munford Tel: +44 (0) 1296 682356

Notes for Editors
• ISSA is the international trade association for the world’s ship supply sector with a membership of nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world.
• It has 43 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and has associate members in 52 other countries where no national association exists.
• Quality operation is an essential pre-requisite to ISSA membership and as a result, ISSA members have to undergo a rigorous vetting procedure before gaining admittance. Our members and the goods and services they offer can be found in every major port in the world.
• The Association was formed in 1955 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2005 of half a century of service to the maritime industry.

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