IT Challenges Take Centre Stage At Unique London Event

[download id=”243″]Challenges and opportunities facing the heads if Information Technology departments at leading global shipbroking companies will take centre stage at a unique day-long seminar being hosted by AXSMarine in London.

Participants will discuss the issues which face IT specialists working within the shipbroking sector and will analyse the various solutions available to them in a bid to collectively identify IT strategies which are most appropriate for shipbrokers.

Hugo Rousse, EMEA Sales Manager, said: “This forum is a unique opportunity for IT specialists to network with their peers and to exchange information and opinions about their specialist sector. AXSMarine is delighted to host this effective and important event and if it proves to be a successful day for all, we may consider holding a similar event in ASPAC and also expanding the format to sectors outside of shipbroking.”

The seminar will take place on Thursday September 30th at AXSMarine’s London office at
60, Cannon Street, EC4N 6NP and will begin with breakfast at 8.30am before delegates launch straight in to the discussion on the present day challenges facing their sector. Further topics for the day include how to use Microsoft solutions and internet-based services and a round table session.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary of business, AXSMarine is inviting delegates to join a celebratory lunch at the Royal Exchange. In addition the company will host a private cocktail party at the Coq d’Argent after the seminar closes.



For immediate release September 8th, 2010
Ref: 1055

The International Shipsuppliers & Services Association has received the finest endorsement to date of its efforts to improve the quality of global ship supply after the World Customs Organisation praised the progress it is making in upgrading its 2010 ISSA Quality Standard.

In a letter to ISSA President Jens Olsen, Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, of the WCO, said the ISSA Quality Standard 2010 “clearly demonstrates ISSA Members’ commitment to comply with all statutory requirements and to play a leading role in both facilitating the needs of the maritime industry while meeting the international and domestic requirements associated with vessel, port and supply chain security.”

He stressed that while the relationships between Customs administrations and companies involved in ship supply have never been more critical, it was clear that vessel delays cost big money.

“Initiatives such as the ISSA Quality Standard are important building blocks to ensure high levels of trust exist between Customs and Industry. The nature of the ship supply business is a unique one. Members of ISSA routinely import and export goods without the payment of Customs charges and generally have unfettered access to Customs controlled areas such as wharves and bonded stores, so they can go about their lawful business. As a direct consequence, it is not unreasonable of Customs to expect in return high levels of voluntary compliance with Customs and other legislation,” he wrote.

This endorsement by the WCO follows similar support forwarded by InterManager in July of this year. In a similar letter to the ISSA President, InterManager President Roberto Giorgi welcomed the upgraded ISSA Quality Standard and said it was very encouraging “to see that ISSA is determined to continuously improve standards of service provided”.

Quality of supply service has long been a cornerstone of ISSA’s work to improve the image of the industry and enhancements to its existing Quality Standard will take into account a number of fresh initiatives such as catering standards onboard ship; security aspects in light of ISPS and many environmental considerations such as avoiding the excessive use of packaging and better control of the disposal of toxic and carcinogenic material in port.

ISSA President Jens Olsen has already gone on record saying that he wants to encourage membership growth of ISSA through the development of ISSA’s Quality Standard so that it becomes a beacon for quality and an example to other sectors as to how to work with regulators to gain maximum benefit for member companies.

Mr Mikuriya added: “The ISSA Quality Standard 2010 provides a sound basis at a global level to guide national Customs administrations and ISSA Members in dialogue over appropriate procedures and processes to ensure compliance with controls, but also equally importantly to ensure the rapid facilitation of the legitimate requirements of industry with minimum intervention and ‘red tape’.

“The active involvement of ISSA in the WCO issues is highly constructive and greatly appreciated. I look forward to this relationship developing further in the future,” he confirmed.


For Further Information Please Contact:
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Notes for Editors
• ISSA is the international trade association for the world’s ship supply sector with a membership of nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world.
• It has 43 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and has associate members in 52 other countries where no national association exists.
• Quality operation is an essential pre-requisite to ISSA membership and as a result, ISSA members have to undergo a rigorous vetting procedure before gaining admittance. Our members and the goods and services they offer can be found in every major port in the world.
• The Association was formed in 1955 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2005 of half a century of service to the maritime industry.

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PRESS RELEASE – embargoed to 00.01am Wednesday September 1st
For Immediate Release 1 September 2010
Ref: 1053

Hutton’s has announced its acquisition today of ship supply company Lars Knutsen & Clode in a move which further enhances Hutton’s position as the UK’s leading ship supplier, with a national network able to supply all British ports.

Established in South Wales more than 100 years ago, Lars Knutsen & Clode (LKC) has a strong history in ship supply. The company’s network boasts 8,000 sq ft of warehouse facility in Pembrokeshire with full bond, ambient, freezer and chilled facilities and Unitor stock which is superbly placed to supply Pembroke and the Milford oil and gas industry, South Wales and South West UK. In addition its 3,500 sq ft of warehousing in London with full bond, ambient, freezer and chilled facilities is ideally positioned on the Thames to supply London, Harwich, Dover and South East UK.

With a turnover of £4.5million and a client base which includes James Fisher, Fastnet Ferries, Irish Ferries and Gulf Offshore, LKC is a successful company with 16 staff including Managing Director David Thompson, descendant of the company’s founder, who will remain onboard in a sales development role and be fully involved in incorporating LKC into the Hutton’s business model.

Hutton’s Managing Director Alex Taylor said: “This latest acquisition will further strengthen Hutton’s position in Wales and the South of England, providing Hutton’s with additional bases to supply ships in the local ports. This addition will benefit our customers and further increase our buying power and logistics network.”

This is the fourth acquisition for Hutton’s in the past five years. The company previously purchased Admiral Marine’s Edinburgh office in 2005, Marine & Offshore Medical Supplies (rebranded Hutton’s Medical) in 2005 and Pan Europe in 2009. In addition, organic growth has led to the opening of an Aberdeen branch in 2006, with further expansion at this location in 2009.

Alex Taylor added: “Over this five year period Hutton’s turnover has increased from £2.5 million to £7.5 million and, with the addition of LKC’s £4.5 million turnover, we are set to have an annual turnover of at least £12 million which secures Hutton’s future.”
notes to editors follows . . . 2

Notes to Editors:

• Hutton’s has developed as the UK’s one-stop shop facility providing the full range of products and services to the International Shipping and the Offshore Industry.

• With a history dating back almost 200 years, Hutton’s ensures the highest standard are provided to customers fromits branch network covering all UK ports.

• Having the UK’s largest branch network ensures that most of the UK’s ports are no more than 2 hours from a Hutton’s depot.

• Hutton’s boasts first class facilities and a fleet of state-of-the-art climate controlled vehicles which deliver a full range of food and technical products to customers.

• Hutton’s will be exhibiting at the forthcoming IMPA (International Marine Purchasing Association) event in London from September 15th to 16th.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Elaborate Communications:
Sean Moloney / Debra Munford Tel: +44 (0)1296 682356

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