Cargo Care’s New Cargo Pump Service Programme Provides Peace of Mind for Vessel Operators

Responding to the needs of shipowners and operators, Cargo Care Solutions has developed an integrated, total service programme for cargo pumps, providing cost-effective peace of mind for vessel operators.

Engineers working for the company, which already services and repairs cargo and hatch equipment, devised the new service after recognising the need for more third-party support in the planned maintenance of cargo pumps.

The new service will be officially launched this week during Posidonia and experts from Cargo Care Solutions will be available on the company’s trade stand to discuss clients’ requirements.

Peter Peltenburg, CEO, said: “As an independent and all‐round supplier for all types and brands of maritime cargo access equipment, we are ideally placed to extend our first-class service to cargo and ballast pumps. In addition, our engineers have an extensive experience in cargo and ballast pump servicing and maintenance.

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Cargo Care Solutions (CCS), the hatch cover and Ro-Ro equipment specialists has opened a hydraulics workshop in response to the growing demand by ship owners for maintenance and repair of their hydraulic deck equipment.

The company’s first workshop, which is near its Rotterdam headquarters, will serve as the hydraulic nerve centre for CCS’ European operations, offering specialist services, including repair and service for hatch covers, RoRo-equipment, watertight doors, winches and deck cranes.

Cargo Care Hydraulics also offers its services for port cranes and hydraulic equipment and offshore platforms and workboats. Aside to having facilities for offsite repairs, Cargo Care Hydraulics also offers its clients onsite repairs and troubleshooting. . It can assist clients in the entire process from dismantling the equipment to building it back in and make the hydraulic system operational again.

CCS’ CEO Peter Peltenburg says: “We are delighted to open this hydraulics workshop as part of CCS’ continued commitment to ensuring that vessels are safe and cargo is secure through its transportation. Our close partnership with ship owners has allowed us to directly invest in sustainability initiatives, guaranteeing a vessel’s performance.

“The workshop will offer unique inspection, service and repair facilities for hydraulic equipment such as cylinders, pumps, motors and valves.  It is designed to make full and efficient use of modern technologies, as even minor problems with a hydraulic system can trigger a chain reaction through the entire system. By using this facility our customers can be sure of the level of service they expect from us.”

Lowest Maintenance Costs in Industry with New UltraPads from Cargo Care

Cargo Care has made an important contribution in the battle to minimise operating costs. In a difficult year for the shipping industry, with bunker costs rising and shipowners and ship managers finding they can no longer postpone essential maintenance tasks on vessels, it has launched a brand new low wear hatch cover support pad, saving money on fitting, on wear and on man-hours.

In coming years a lot of the traditionally fitted Bronze-Teflon type hatch cover bearing pads will need to be changed. Hatch cover support pads are an important part to transfer the vertical forces of the hatch cover into the coaming structure of a vessel. Not replacing the support pads in time can cause an increase of these forces into the coaming structure which can cause severe damage to the coaming and hatch cover.

The UltraPad offers the lowest wear on the market today. With a unique locking pin to speed up mounting it is a truly universal product offered in multiple sizes to fit different makes of hatch cover, simplifies maintenance and replaces traditional Bronze Teflon type support pads – at 30 – 40% of the cost, and in a fraction of the time. Without losing quality as the UltraPad is the only hatch cover support pad on the market today with a Germanischer Lloyd Type Approval.

“The options for cost control in our industry are limited and we must look to reducing costs in all areas of the business,” says Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Cargo Care Solutions.

“With the typical container vessels having fitted hundreds to thousands of hatch cover support pads – all needing to be regularly inspected and often replaced – any initiative that reduces this burden must be welcomed,“ explains Mr Peltenburg.”Support pads are a critical area which can lead to high ship maintenance costs during service life. The UltraPad provides our customers with the lowest wear rate available on the market today which improves support pad lifetime, and lowers hatch cover maintenance.”

An unusual new feature of the new UltraPad is the set of prefabricated grooves of variable depth positioned on areas where the pads wear down most, making detecting wear on the pads speedy and accurate.

Cargo Care Solutions Unveils New Hatch Cover Support Pad At SMM

Hatch Cover and RoRo-equipment specialist Cargo Care Solutions is set to unveil its latest product development during this week’s popular SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany (September 4 to 7).

The UltraPad, a new type of polymer-based, self-lubricating hatch cover support pad has just received a type approval from Germanischer Lloyd in recognition of its low wear and low friction characteristics.

The UltraPad features an improved locking pin mechanism preventing loss of the pads. The very low friction rate means the UltraPad has a smooth sliding feature resulting in low noise operation. UltraPad has the lowest wear rate available on today’s market, ensuring the pad has a longer lifetime. Easy wear detection adds to the pad’s safety, making it easy to determine when it needs to be changed and therefore avoiding the damages which can occur to the hatch cover and coaming structure when a worn support pad is not replaced in time.

Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Cargo Care Solutions, says: “This new hatch cover support pad represents excellent value for money for ship owners and managers –up to a forty per cent saving. In today’s market with tight margins this will certainly be a real benefit.”

The UltraPad can be used as replacement for other traditional types of hatch cover support pads and is available in a range of sizes to meet customer’s needs.

Cargo Care Solutions offers tailor-made programs to help identify the best solutions to keep your hatch covers in top shape. To discuss this further, please telephone:

+31 (0)10-4293222 (The Netherlands); +49 (0)40-7893160 (Germany); +65 (6235) 6188 (Singapore)


Tokyo MOU Inspections Highlight Perils of Poor Maintenance Warns Cargo Care

A recent state inspection campaign that raises concerns over multiple problems with hatch openings should be welcomed by the industry, is the message from Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Cargo Care Solutions. “We cut corners on maintenance at our peril. As the economic downturn bites the industry has seen a shift to lower quality products, and a less systematic approach to scheduled maintenance. This is false economy, and the results of this campaign show that ship owners are ultimately paying for these short cuts.”

The comments were made after a state inspection campaign supported by Tokyo MoU revealed a large number of vessel deficiencies relating to cargo hatch openings, and reported one casualty during the campaign period.

“Whilst operators are aware of the need to keep cargo in good condition, it’s all too easy to overlook the fact that hatch covers are essential to protect and keep the structural safety of a vessel,” he adds. “There have been a number of vessel losses known which were due to the loss of the weathertight integrity of the hatch covers. Some include human casualties.”

Approximately a third of all P&I claims are cargo-related. Numerous of these cases are related to ingress of seawater via the hatch covers of dry cargo vessels. According to P&I clubs, reports of leaking hatch covers are the most frequent cause for selecting a vessel for an unscheduled condition survey.

“Increased investment and attention to hatch cover maintenance and repairs may save the shipowners’ money from cargo claims,” explains Peter. “It’s a simple calculation, but one which is so often overlooked. We need a report like this to remind us that seemingly minor short cuts in maintenance can lead to major problems.”

Cargo Care Solutions has a long history in the field of cargo access equipment. As the former after-sales network of Macor Neptun and SEOHAE Marine System, it has more than 30 years of experience in its field and supplies parts and services for all types and brands of maritime cargo access equipment.

Time To Take On The Maintenance Challenge

At a time when markets are still down, ship owners need to address maintenance concerns head on and turn to suppliers they can trust. That’s the message from Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Cargo Care Solutions, worldwide supplier of spares and services for hatch covers and RoRo-equipment.

He has seen a lot of activity in the industry over the last few months, with customers keen to look at alternatives and shop around for the best price. Yet what they are seeing often surprises them as they find that the best value for money solutions aren’t always to be found in the Far East.
“Customers today demand a trustworthy partner”, says Peter. “They are looking for suppliers who are proactive, supportive and who understand their business. The key to meeting these needs is using a supplier with an understanding of the challenges of this fast moving environment, and you can only do this by getting out into the marketplace – attending shows, meeting ship owners and investing in the best possible customer service.

“In the last few years we saw business move from Europe to the Far East but companies are beginning to pull back as manufacturing costs in the Far East are rising. This is a big component of supplier’s costs and very soon we may even find it more cost effective to buy in Europe again where processes have been optimised and you can factor in the customer service element.”

Peter also believes ship owners should carefully assess their maintenance needs. “You can only put off maintenance for so long. For example, as the market begins to move we will see more and more owners pull their vessels out of lay-up. Our challenge is to make the market aware that over time components degrade – we have seen some vessels in bad shape. The hatch cover rubber packing is particularly vulnerable and might be permanently compressed after a long lay-up. The last thing you want when putting a vessel back into service is leakage on the hatch covers.

So with these challenges ahead, there are a lot of opportunities for the business. As Peter says, ”Our company uses manufacturers we can trust, who share our vision and allow us to react quickly and deliver consistent quality. This strategy has worked well for us and we have seen it working for our clients as well.”
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Cargo Care Solutions Signs Exclusive Service Contract

Cargo Care Solutions is delighted to announce it has extended its established partnership and signed an exclusive contract for the newbuilding sales and the service of Macor Marine equipment. Cargo Care Solutions will now become the exclusive agents of Macor Marine equipment for the Danish and Norwegian markets and act as agents on a project basis for Sweden and Finland.

Cargo Care Solutions will focus on assisting the clients from its new and modern office facilities.

Torben Brammer, Board Member of Cargo Care Solutions, says: “This contract demonstrates that Cargo Care Solutions is regarded as a good and reliable service partner for the many different Macor Marine-built cargo handling systems on vessels operated by Scandinavian owners. Macor Marine’s cargo access equipment and rudder systems are particularly used on the many Ro-Ro lines operated within the Danish and Norwegian area and Cargo Care Solutions has a long experience in this field enabling us to provide superb service.”

In the immediate future and as the starting point of the just agreed collaboration, Cargo Care Solutions is set to service the newly-ordered ferries at J.J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH by Danish owner Danske Færger A/S and the contracted ferry newbuildings of Scandlines which are just under construction at P&S Werften in Stralsund.

Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Cargo Care Solutions, adds: “We are looking forward to offering our Scandinavian customers Macor Marine-built cargo access systems for their newbuildings in addition to our current ability to provide spares and services for the many different brands of cargo access equipment. We will continue to grow our service network on a strong global basis to provide our customers and partners with the best possible service.”

Carsten Löhmer, Sales Director of Macor Marine, says: “With this new collaboration between CCS and Macor we are combining our established service know-how and capacity. With this step ahead we are particularly increasing our service performance and reliability in the Scandinavian area, supporting ship-owners and operators in the best possible way. This is the right step at the right time in order to serve all of our clients well and to show that we are an extraordinary reliable and professional partner in all fields of cargo access equipment and full spade rudder systems of all types and sizes.”

Notes To Editors:
• Cargo Care Solutions has a long history in the field of cargo access equipment. As the former after-sales network of Macor Neptun (formerly Deutsche MacGregor) and SEOHAE Marine System, it has more than 30 years of experience in its field. It is an independent and all-round supplier, able to supply parts and services for all types and brands of maritime cargo access equipment. Main categories of serviced equipment are Folding Hatch Covers, Side-Rolling Hatch Covers, Pontoon Hatch Covers, Ro-Ro equipment and Hydraulic Doors.

• Macor Marine is a world-wide leaders in designing, manufacturing and supplying passenger and cargo access equipment for vessels in the shipping and ship-building industry. Its equipment is specifically-designed for container carriers, ferries, Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax Ferries, as well as other types of cargo carrying and passenger vessels, including Mega-Yachts. Macor Marine offers an array of client services, ranging from consulting and customized design, to fabrication responsibility and turn-key supply.

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Cargo Care’s Emergency Hatch Cover Seal Causes A Stir

An emergency rubber sealing which can be used repeatedly is causing quite a stir at maritime trade shows and proving popular with customers. It’s a time and money saving solution which provides extra security when needed for bulk and general cargoes.

The Emergency Seal from Cargo Care Solutions is a rubber sealing which can be pressed in the cross joint to give extra security for the weather tightness of hatch covers. It works between a gap of 20mm to 50mm provided there are no wedges or cross joint cleats installed. A complete set for one cross joint consists of one straight length of packing (cut-to-size) and two pieces with 90˚ corners.

Emergency Seal is used as extra security next to the existing hatch cover sealing system and, unlike tape solutions, it can be used many times.

Peter Peltenburg, Group Director of Rotterdam-based Cargo Care Solutions, said: “We are receiving very good feedback about this product. We displayed it at trade shows last year including Posidonia and SMM and it caused quite a stir and we expect it to be of great interest during this year’s events. People were very interested in an alternative like this.

“It is very cost effective compared to regular hatch cover tapes as you can use it many times. And the beauty is that it pays for itself within two useages. It is also a clean alternative because it does not leave the residue that a tape would do.”

Already several leading companies are using the Cargo Care Emergency Seal. Mr Peltenburg added: “Graig Ship Management and Clipper Group have been using it on their multi-purpose vessels since 2004 and are very happy with the seal.”

For more information about the Cargo Care Emergency Seal see the company’s website: www.

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