New Features for Voyager Planning Station

In a cutting edge development, users of the Voyager Planning Station, developed by the maritime services group Global Navigation Solutions, can now plot their route directly onto the official ENCs on board their vessel. Visitors to this year’s Marintec China exhibition will have the opportunity to see a demonstration of this unique new feature.

Providing a single all inclusive back of bridge solution, Voyager Planning Station enables the navigator to passage plan using live data. A route can be plotted directly onto Voyager’s enhanced ENC display, rather than on a simple GIS background, and then transferred onto the ECDIS – effectively providing ECDIS functionality to the back of bridge and offering unrivalled time saving and accuracy. The passage planning system also has the advantage of enabling the operator to identify missing ENCs and order updates where necessary.

The world class SPOS Onboard weather solution from Meteo has now been incorporated into Voyager Planning Station giving customers direct and instant access to weather information.

Mike Robinson, CEO of Global Navigation Solutions is looking forward to presenting the Voyager Planning Station at Marintec. “Our team of specialist maritime experts and software engineers working together in our Research and Development Centre in Aberdeen are second to none,” he says.”We recognise that China is a growth market and we are delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate these time saving new features at this major exhibition. Our Centre of Excellence is creating products which are already transforming the market, ensuring our customers stay at the forefront of developing technology.”

Voyager Planning Station also includes Admiralty Information Overlay display, significantly improving the efficiency of the passage planning process by providing preliminary information that has been incorporated into paper charts but not yet included in ENCs. Other unique features include 100% complete BA Chart Update Service including Annual and Cumulative Notices to Mariners, global list of Navarea Warnings, AVCS and ARCS updates, access to the timesaving Global Navigation Solutions Looseleaf service, free Vessel Management Service to help manage the fleet and the best value data communications costs on the market today.

Voyager Planning Station is available in three packages designed to suit the way a vessel or fleet navigates: BA Paper Update Service specifically designed for vessels navigating with BA charts and publications: BA Paper and Digital Update Service for vessels making the transition to digital navigation and BA Digital Update Service, designed for vessels navigating with ECDIS.

In addition to SPOS Weather Solutions, Voyager Planning Station offers a growing list of added value modules. These include AtoBviaC Port to Port, ICC Piracy Reports, Shipping Guides’ Findaport and Regs4Ships, in addition to AIO updates, ADP updates and BA loose leaf updates.

Notes to editors:
Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) was formed in November 2012 to provide an extensive range of maritime services to shipping companies worldwide. GNS is headed up by Mike Robinson, formerly Chief Executive Officer of the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO). The Company is owned jointly by its senior management team and Phoenix Equity Partners. GNS brings together the best distributors of maritime navigation solutions from around the world, providing its customers with outstanding money saving products and services, and innovative new solutions. It provides the best existing maritime brands, including British Admiralty, and works with specialist service providers around the world to design and produce intelligent user-friendly solutions which streamline and simplify the art of navigation. With technical expertise available from centres around the world, Global Navigation Solutions offers the knowledge to resolve queries and technical problems fast.

Global Navigation Solutions will be exhibiting at Marintec China from 3-6 December 2013. To find out more about Voyager Planning Station, or to meet the management team please visit Global Navigation Solutions on Stand D43 in Hall N1.

Voyager Distribution Network Expands

Global Navigation Solutions is pleased to announce that Voyager is now offered by all members of the Global Navigation Solutions maritime services group.

Ship operators looking for the state-of-the-art route planning, intelligent data management and quality of compliance provided uniquely by this new digital chart management system can now obtain Voyager from any company within the Global Navigation Solutions group worldwide.

Bringing together the world’s most established and reputable names in maritime navigation into one global network, the Global Navigation Solutions group of companies comprises: DPM Europe, DPM Singapore, HanseNautic, Lilley & Gillie Charts, Thomas Gunn and Poly Thomas Gunn.

Mike Robinson, CEO of Global Navigation Solutions is delighted with the move. “With offices in Germany, Greece, North America, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the UK, we are now able to offer our customers the services of a world-wide team of more than 300 highly skilled people – all with excellent knowledge and understanding of the market, the latest technology and the changing regulatory environment.

“We are proud of the heritage of the Voyager brand and the leading role it plays in navigation today. Global Navigation Solutions is setting new standards in the provision of navigational products and services and this significant expansion of the Voyager distribution network will serve to reinforce our reputation for excellent customer service.”

Voyager sets industry standards in the management, maintenance and use of navigational information on board. Global Navigation Services’ team of maritime experts and software engineers have incorporated a Chart Correction Service, Admiralty AVCS and Digital Publication updates, a full paper and digital chart and publication catalogue, a GIS based route planning tool and a rapidly growing range of additional services – all designed to help make navigational planning more efficient, safer and more cost-effective.

Thomas Gunn Makes Digital Transition a Reality

With the news that the Russian Federation is the latest Flag State to approve the use of ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) on board its vessels, over two thirds of the world’s Flag States have now signed up to receive digital updates from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). The transition to digital navigation is well and truly in progress and Thomas Gunn, part of the Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) Group of specialist providers of maritime navigation information, solutions and support, is seeing the trend reflected in its own business, with an increase in the number of fleets embracing the digital transition in the last few months.

“Thomas Gunn has now supplied more than 1,000 vessels worldwide with ADP,” says Colin Stephenson, Digital Manager for Thomas Gunn Navigation Services. “We have at least 20 fleets currently trialling the system, with new enquiries from around the world every day. In addition we are seeing more and more ship operators taking advantage of the ability of our Voyager digital chart management system to deliver ADP updates, which enables them to manage all their navigation needs through a single common intuitive interface.

Mr Stephenson sees the change as positive. “These fleets are moving from a time consuming labour intensive paper process which essentially hasn’t changed since sail, towards a powerful system which not only offers the essential trinity; Total Tide; List of Lights and List of Radio Signals; but also interprets them in a way that ensures more flexibility than hard copy and removes the admin burden from the professional navigator.

“In the drive for efficiency crews can be put under a great deal of pressure, an issue eased by technological solutions. In the past one of the greatest barriers to change was Flag State approval, and so we are delighted to see the momentum increasing and the vast majority of Flag States accepting the new technology with the benefits it brings.”

When asked why these operators have chosen a GNS company as their partner at this important stage in their business development, Colin explains, ”Fleets are looking for two key elements; a partner with a depth and breadth of knowledge of digital navigation technology; and one they can trust to provide – and support – the right business solution. Thomas Gunn offers that combination and has built a reputation for expertise and proficiency in this field. Our use of cutting edge technology, ably demonstrated by the industry leading new Voyager 4, gives clients confidence that the solution they choose will continue to evolve and expand in line with their business needs and market expectations.”

NGM Energy Switches to Voyager

It is announced today that NGM Energy, Greece, has selected Thomas Gunn’s Voyager Chart Management Service to manage paper and digital chart updating on all 16 vessels in its fleet. It is also taking advantage of Thomas Gunn’s outfit management service (OMS) for the automated supply of paper charts.

The Voyager Series from Thomas Gunn Navigation Service has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and responsiveness to customers’ needs, offering the mariner an easy to use, cost effective and high quality database of navigational data neatly displayed.

“NGM Energy is committed to improving efficiency on board”, said Captain Sergey Martynenko of NGM Energy. “Our business prides itself on offering the industry a highly professional service, and we are confident that our decision to roll out Voyager across the fleet will enable us to maintain this commitment in the future.”

Voyager is a fully automated onboard chart management system which provides the mariner with a personalised database of charts, publications and Notices to Mariners (NMs) organised in a convenient folio system. New Voyager 4 enables bridge personnel to manage all their navigational information through a single service that, for the first time, includes NAVAREA warnings as well as new route planning functionality that makes identification of the charts, publications and updates required for a voyage even easier and more efficient.

Voyager 4 was released into the market in May 2013 following worldwide sea trials and is available now to trial and buy from Global Navigation Solutions companies and distributors worldwide. For information about suppliers visit the GNS web site at

New Voyager 4 Makes Sense for Korea Lines

Thomas Gunn is delighted to announce that Korea Lines, the marine transportation services company, is the latest ship owner to choose new Voyager 4 for its navigation requirements. It will be upgrading four LNG gas carriers from Voyager 3 to the new Voyager 4 digital chart management system with immediate effect.

When asked why Korea Lines selected Voyager 4, Mr Cho Han-Ung, Principal Superintendent, Fleet Management Team 2 explained, “We needed a navigation solution which would best serve the needs of the internationally trading vessels operating within our fleet. Thomas Gunn’s new Voyager offers a range of options and unique features that enable us to navigate safely and efficiently in all areas.”

New Voyager offers the only 100% complete British Admiralty update service, including key compliance requirements, Annual and Cumulative Notices to Mariners, Navarea Warnings and the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO). It downloads, updates and displays both AVCS (Admiralty Vector Chart Service) charts and the AIO to overcome any limitations within the ECDIS system to help ensure the safest digital navigation.

In addition new Voyager offers a number of additional services which enable the user to tailor each system to their own operating requirements. Regs4ships, findaport, AtoBviaC, Piracy information (via ICC) and Met515 are all available and displayed on one single GIS interface.

“This is great news for Thomas Gunn,” says Mike Bailey, (Voyager Development Manager, Thomas Gunn Navigation Services). “We very much value the long term partnerships we have built up with our customers, and when the choice is made to upgrade it is a validation not only of the product but also of the level of service we have worked hard to achieve.”

New Voyager 4 has the one of best data compression rates available today – making data download times both fast and extremely cost effective. It also includes a free Vessel Management Service to help ship owners and ship managers cut administration time, improve safety, better manage information and ensure compliance across the fleet – whether navigating with paper or using digital technology.

Notes for Editors

About Thomas Gunn Navigation Services
Thomas Gunn Navigation Services is part of the Global Navigation Solutions Group of companies with a global network of offices supplying navigational information and other maritime services to shipping companies worldwide. In addition to providing navigation supplies to shipping companies, TGNS also has a range of technology solutions, including Voyager and TGT eData that enable customers to optimize chart purchasing, management and updating.

New Voyager 4 Reduces Risk Of Deficiency Detentions

With chart and nautical publication management highlighted as one of the most common reasons for deficiency detentions by Port State Control (PSC), ship operators are calling for new and effective navigation solutions.

The unique features of Thomas Gunn’s new Voyager 4 digital chart management system, launched this month following successful sea trials, provide ship owners and ship managers with the tools they need to ensure that Safety of Navigation standards on board meet PSC and vetting inspection requirements.

New Voyager is the only complete British Admiralty (BA) update service. Uniquely, it includes both the Annual Summary of NMs and Cumulative List of NMs as well as NAVAREA warnings, Loose Leaf publication updates, updates for BA charts and updates for both AVCS and the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO). It also comes complete with the best file compression on the market to increase efficiency and minimise data transmission costs and free access to Thomas Gunn’s Vessel Management Service – a web portal for ship managers to view individual vessel holdings and monitor a vessel’s update and supply status.

“Voyager 4 is designed to prevent information overload and provide both on board and shore based personnel with optimum information management,” says Mike Bailey, Head of Product Development at Thomas Gunn. “Over the last 3 years the detention rate for SOLAS class vessels has been running at an average of 6% of ships per year, with 12.8% of the deficiencies in 2011 relating to Safety of Navigation and 6% of all deficiencies, relating specifically to Maintenance of Charts and Publications – so the statistics on navigation deficiencies make serious reading. With vessels increasingly manned by less experienced crews and, at the same time, often bearing greater workloads, Voyager helps to remove the risk of human error and avoid port inspection issues.”

Voyager 4 was released into the market in May 2013 following worldwide sea trials. Innovations and enhancements in Voyager 4 include:

Ease of use: New route-planning tool to make it even easier to identify, update and download information needed for a vessel’s voyage including vessel traffic separation schemes and access to added value information such as piracy and port information all via a single chart based interface

Easier compliance: New NAVAREA warnings to provide a complete update service

Safer operation: New AVCS and the AIO display providing access to global Temporary and Preliminary Notices and the Admiralty’s unique safety checks.

Improved efficiency and productivity: Expanded range of services including TG Loose Leaf updates, ICC Piracy information, Regs4ships and findaport

Voyager 4 is available now to trial and buy from Global Navigation Solutions companies and distributors worldwide. For information about suppliers visit the GNS web site at

Notes for Editors

About Thomas Gunn Navigation Services

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services is part of the Global Navigation Solutions Group of companies with a global network of offices supplying navigational information and other maritime services to shipping companies worldwide. In addition to providing navigation supplies to shipping companies, TGNS also has a range of technology solutions, including Voyager and TGT eData that enable customers to optimize chart purchasing, management and updating.

Sea Trial Success For Latest Version of Thomas Gunn’s Voyager

Thomas Gunn, the maritime services company and leading Admiralty distributor, today announced the results of sea trials of its new Voyager 4 on-board navigation data management system. The sea trials are the final stage in the development of the new service which will launch on 1 May 2013. This latest version will be the only chart updating tool to include global Navarea Warning information. It also provides a new route-planning tool to make it even easier to identify, update and download information needed for a vessel’s voyage as well as new time saving applications to help vessels navigate more safely and efficiently.

Voyager 4 has been installed on a wide range of vessels operating around the world to ensure the new system is thoroughly tested in live environments. More than twenty vessels have been involved with trials including USAC’s Hatta working out of Bahrain, Finner Shipping’s Red Fin, currently in Egypt, and Gulf Offshore’s Highland Eagle based in Aberdeen.

“Sea trials are an essential stage of our new product development programme. The Thomas Gunn Voyager team is made up of highly experienced mariners, navigators and technical experts, but at the end of the day it’s the experience on the bridge that determines our products’ success” said Mike Bailey, ex. Captain and ex. marine superintendent, and now Head of Product Development at Thomas Gunn. Sea trials feedback is essential in guaranteeing reliability, ease of use and ensuring Voyager is designed and developed to meet real-life operational requirements.”

Voyager is now leading the market in terms of chart management and updating tools. Shipping companies operating globally with tight port turnaround times all benefit greatly from being able to access safety and compliance information electronically and having a wide range of information at the fingertips of their crews.

“This latest Voyager release is even better than ever, including some excellent new services such as our new Navarea Warnings service and the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) and Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) viewer making Voyager the most comprehensive British Admiralty updating service on the market today. From the sea trials feedback we’ve been getting, it’s clear that our customers around the world really like Voyager and are enjoying exploring and getting even more from its new functionality” added Mr Bailey. “We’ve also had the opportunity to gain feedback on how customers would prefer to buy the additional modules and time-saving applications that are included in the new version which are helping us create innovative new purchasing options that really appeal to our different audiences.”

New Voyager 4 is the only system that provides a 100% complete BA Chart update service and has the one of best data compression rates available today – making data download times both fast and extremely cost effective. Voyager also includes a free Vessel Management Service to help ship owners and ship managers cut administration time, improve safety, better manage information and ensure compliance across the fleet – whether navigating with paper or using digital technology.

New Voyager 4 will be available from Thomas Gunn and its agents from May 2013.

Doug Anderson, Customer Service Director at TGNS, to Retire: Gareth Kirkwood to Take Over Customer Service Across the Thomas Gunn Group

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services (TGNS) today announced that Doug Anderson, TGNS’s Customer Service Director, is to retire after 18 years with the Group.

As member of the TGNS board and Customer Services Director, Anderson has headed up Thomas Gunn customer service and support since 1994, overseeing the team responsible for vessel outfit management services, supply of Tracings, Notices to Mariners and charts and publications.

“Doug has been an instrumental part of our executive team, leading the customer service department and helping to build an international business that, I believe, has set the standard for service in our industry,” said Thomas Gunn, founder and former TGNS CEO. “We are very sad to have him leave and hope he enjoys every day of his retirement.”

Including his 18 years with Thomas Gunn, Anderson has spent more than 40 years in shipping and navigation. He joined TGNS from Brown and Perring, a leading Admiralty distributor of the time, where he also held the position of Director of Customer Service. He brought with him considerable international experience, which helped shape the Group’s global expansion into Southern Europe, North America and Asia. Prior to that he served for 11years in the British Royal Navy. During his career, he has earned recognition as an innovator and problem-solver with a passion for customer service.

TGNS is wholly owned by Global Navigation Solutions (GNS). Responsibility for TGNS Group Customer Service has been transitioned to Gareth Kirkwood, the GNS Group’s Chief Operating Officer.

Notes for Editors
About Gareth Kirkwood, Chief Operating Officer – GNS
Gareth joined GNS from Daisy Group, the leading reseller of unified communications to the UK SME and Mid Market, where he was Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Daisy, Gareth spent 22 years with British Airways, initially in IT procurement and ultimately as Director of Operations.

About the Thomas Gunn Group of companies:
Thomas Gunn Navigation Services was formed in 1978 as a private family owned company. Today, the Thomas Gunn Group of companies has a large international client base and is widely recognised as the world’s largest distributor of Admiralty charts and publications.

In addition to providing navigation supplies to shipping companies, TGNS also has a range of technology solutions, including Voyager and TGT eData that enables customers to optimize chart purchasing, management and updating. With offices in UK, Singapore, Greece, North America and Turkey, the Thomas Gunn Group employs approximately 150 people worldwide, including product, sales and customer service and support teams.

Thomas Gunn Launches New Generation Voyager

Visitors to Posidonia 2012 will be the first to see new Voyager 4, the latest incarnation of the highly regarded automated chart management system from Thomas Gunn Navigation Services.

The Voyager Series has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and responsiveness to customers’ needs – and Voyager 4 is no exception. Packed full of new applications, Voyager 4 offers the mariner an easy to use, cost effective and high quality database of navigational data neatly displayed using an interactive map interface with Admiralty information overlay which can be customised to individual voyage requirements.

“We have incorporated a number of industry firsts into the new Voyager,” explains Thomas Gunn, founder and Managing Director of Thomas Gunn Navigation Services. “The new Route Planning functionality will enable the Mariner to plot an optimum route and then automatically receive a tailored list of corrections for that route alone. Our Digital Loose Leaf application delivers digitised loose leaf updates straight to the vessel.

“We are also very proud of our partnerships with organisations such as Shipping Guides, Regs4ships and SPOS, and of new features such as ENC display and touch screen technology which have been developed in response to customer feedback. Voyager 4 will ensure the bridge has access to the specialist navigation tools essential for a safe and efficient passage.”

As part of the service provided by Thomas Gunn, subscribers to the Voyager system will automatically receive the new Voyager 4 software. Voyager’s state of the art file compression technology ensures easily delivery of weekly updates for British Admiralty Notices to Mariners and Tracings, and Admiralty Vector Chart Service and Admiralty Raster Chart Service updates. To ensure that the mariner continues to have the most up to date port information available to them, any amendments available will also be included in the weekly Voyager updates service..

Future developments incorporating Distance Tables from AtoBviaC, publications from Witherby Seamanship library and anti-piracy tools are in the pipeline and will be announced when ready.

The Voyager service does not require any additional communication equipment thereby eliminating any hardware, installation and on-going maintenance costs. Voyager software is installed on a Windows PC and can be updated via email or web service.

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services and Transas Marine Ltd Join in Industry Leading Partnership

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services and Transas Marine Ltd announce today a new industry leading partnership which will bring significant benefits to customers of both organisations. Thomas Gunn will now offer Transas Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS as part of its total navigation solution, whilst Transas will offer Thomas Gunn’s paper chart management service – which includes Admiralty and International HO’s paper charts and paper publications – as a part of its ECDIS package.

This partnership sees two industry experts in the emerging ECDIS market teaming up to offer complete solutions for ECDIS implementation in accordance with the IMO Carriage Requirement. That will not only support both Thomas Gunn and Transas customers throughout the whole life cycle of purchased products but will also service those needs to the same high standard of quality, in whatever country their customers operate.

“We are really pleased to be working with Transas,” says Thomas Gunn, founder and managing director of Thomas Gunn. “Our key priority has always been to offer our customers the best products with the best global service engineering in the industry. The advance of digital navigation has meant that we must continually evaluate our product offering – and of course good products demand good backup. Our relationship with Transas will ensure that we maintain our reputation for service excellence”.

When it comes to ECDIS implementation, in addition to Transas Navi-Sailor ECDIS, Thomas Gunn customers will now benefit from a service network strategically spread worldwide through all major ports.

“Transas Marine and Thomas Gunn share a common philosophy – we are both focused on building the best user experience with a truly worldwide service and solve advanced business needs,” states Peter Mantel, business development director, Transas Marine Limited. “By working together, we are taking our commitment to the next level by making it even easier for our customers to go through the ECDIS implementation phase, manage all information and get access to complete solutions in one place. We are very excited about this partnership that will bring a new level of business agility and usability to our systems.”

Thomas Gunn Now Top Supplier of Navigation Services to Unicom Fleet

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services is delighted to announce that it has been awarded an important new contract by Unicom to supply an additional 43 vessels with its outfit management service. Thomas Gunn now supplies navigation solutions to 78 vessels, the bulk of the Unicom fleet.

“We value the strong business relationship we have built up with Unicom over a number of years,” says Thomas Gunn, founder and Managing Director of Thomas Gunn Navigation Services. ”We are very pleased that their positive experience of that relationship has enabled us to develop our partnership further, and are looking forward to working closely with them in the future.”

Thomas Gunn will supply the Unicom fleet with both Russian Hydrographic Office and UK Hydrographic Office charts and publications, in both digital and paper format, customised to the operating requirements and the vessel specific requirements of Unicom. Serving the mariner in the SOLAS regulated market for over 30 years Thomas Gunn is the world’s largest supplier of digital navigation solutions and paper charts.

Unicom is a member of the Sovcomflot Group, acting as an independent ship management company providing services such as full management, technical management, crew management, commercial management, full operation management including disbursement and freight and hire calculations, marine insurances & claims handling and project and newbuilding supervision.

Jubilee Sailing Trust Charts its First Voyage Around the World with a Little Help from Thomas Gunn

Thomas Gunn has donated a complete set of world routing charts to enable the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) to voyage around the globe for the first time, creating an unprecedented opportunity for physically disabled people to explore the world from the decks of a square-rigged sailing ship.

“We are delighted to support this unique endeavour,” says Thomas Gunn, founder and Managing Director of Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd. “During our work with the Trust we have seen it changing lives, giving people of all physical abilities and sailing experience the chance to experience the thrill and adventure of being at sea, sailing side by side as equals.”

“No other country operates a tall ship that can accommodate disabled people, including wheelchair users, to the extent of the specifically designed and purpose-built JST vessels,” explains Andy Spark, Ship Operations Manager, Jubilee Sailing Trust.

“While the concept of sailing a tall ship around the world with novices on board is not new, this circumnavigation brings new meaning to the idea that ‘everybody’ can experience crossing the oceans on a square-rigged sailing ship. The ethos of the JST is to integrate people of all physical abilities, so at any one time, around 50% of the voyage crew will be able-bodied and the other 50% will be disabled. To accommodate a range of disabilities, the JST ship features lifts for wheelchair users, an audio compass for the visually impaired and a hearing loop for the hearing impaired. Representatives from the proposed ports of call for the voyage are already expressing an interest in chartering the ship during her visit to their country as an unprecedented opportunity for their disabled nationals.”

The planning process for the 18 month voyage is well under way with the help of Thomas Gunn. The vessel will leave the UK next winter and follow the route of the old trading square-riggers, arriving in Australia in time to represent the UK during the International Fleet Review of the Royal Australian Navy, in October 2013. The JST ship will then take part in a Tall Ships Race from Sydney to Auckland. The progress of the voyage can be followed at

Thomas Gunn Announces Partnership with Regs4ships

Simplifying the bridge environment must be one of the greatest challenges faced by the shipping industry. Thomas Gunn is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with Regs4ships, to provide a complete bridge solution for the navigator, offering Regs4ships digital maritime regulations incorporated into its streamed Voyager navigational data management system.

Ship operators are demanding complete business solutions, says Thomas Gunn, founder and Managing Director of Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Ltd. “Today’s bridge environment is becoming more complex and regulated, and the navigator is subject to increasing pressure in order to stay abreast of regulations and requirements. Officers and in particular, navigators, demand access to the most up-to-date information, exactly when they need it – be that navigational charts or legislation. Our partnership with Regs4ships means that this important information can be delivered regularly in one package through the Voyager chart management system.”

Regs4ships delivers a vessel electronic documentation covering Flag State requirements, EU Legislation, ILO Conventions and IMO output. Key documents are amended and updated by maritime professionals saving time and money; preventing accidents and avoiding compliance issues.

Thomas Gunn’s Voyager provides the mariner with a personalised database of publications, charts and the applicable notices to mariners (NTM) within a clear folio system. Weekly updates are provided through email or internet. Data is sent to the service user via weekly updates and an emphasis on reducing file sizes is key as file compression is used and only files of relevance to the vessel’s chart outfit are supplied. Nearly 2,000 vessels are currently subscribed to the Voyager service worldwide.

“The synergy between our two businesses can only benefit our customers,” added Thomas Gunn. “Customer response to this initiative has been very positive so far and we are looking forward to a long and mutually productive partnership with Regs4ships in the future.”

Thomas Gunn Heads Chart Supply League Table

Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Limited, the international chart supply specialist, has become the leading distributor of UKHO digital charts.

The UK Hydrographic Office, which has 140 distributors worldwide, has confirmed that Thomas Gunn is the most prolific distributor of digital charts. And the company itself reveals that sales of digital charts have doubled over the past two years with this trend set to continue.

Thomas Gunn, founder of the company and Managing Director, says: “We are delighted to have such strong confirmation that our services are so widely sought after. This news vindicates our business model and demonstrates that we have moved in the right direction to meet our customers’ needs and forthcoming ECDIS implementation.”

Over recent years Thomas Gunn Navigation Services Limited (TGNS) has invested heavily in technology and personnel to create its own in-house digital products department and has boosted its in-house IT resources to meet changing customer requirements and the modern demand for digital charts. In addition the firm has been very proactive in its customer support.

Thomas Gunn adds: “We regularly hold seminars for our existing customers, either in-house or at their offices wherever they are in the world, gathering their superintendants together and giving a two-hour presentation with a question and answer session following. It’s all about getting ahead of the ECDIS mandate. Forward-thinking shipping companies realise the benefits of making their officers familiar with the use of electronic charts and digital products ready for when they become compulsory so that they are trained and up to speed.”

Demand for digital chart supply is widespread throughout the shipping industry but TGNS reports it is particularly strong at present from the tanker, chemical and gas carrier markets.

A worldwide customer network also boosts TGNS’s sales figures. In addition to its own wholly owned offices in Aberdeen, London, Piraeus, Turkey and Vancouver, the company has formed global partnerships in strategic locations around the world.

Thomas Gunn says: “What it takes to hold on to that number one slot is continued focus, continued quality of advice and service to our customers, a high degree of market knowledge and knowledge of the impending needs of the market. We are fortunate to employ a number of highly-experienced former Masters and officers who help us to ensure that what we are delivering meets our customers’ needs. We are always striving to go forward and expand.”

Mike Robinson, UKHO Chief Executive says: “The success of the industry’s transition to digital navigation relies on its ability to navigate confidently with official ENCs. The UKHO has placed huge emphasis on delivering that coverage and today there is official berth-to-berth coverage between 2,165 trading ports worldwide and more than 10,600 charts. But the successful sale and implementation of those ENCs is down to our partners such as Thomas Gunn, who provide shipping companies with the insight and support they need to make every stage of navigation safer and more efficient.”

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